Jackie Bradley Jr. says he’d go to the White House if Red Sox won World Series

There’s been a lot of discussion about how at least six members of the New England Patriots have said they won’t be going to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. Since the Red Sox are among the favorites to win the World Series this year, it shouldn’t be too surprising that this story has crept over to Spring Training. According to Rob Bradford of WEEI, Jackie Bradley Jr. says he’s going to the White House if Boston is invited.

“If my team is going, yes, I’m going,” he said. […]

“The reason why we’re going there is because we did something together as a team. The White House is cool,” he said. “I’m with my team.”

As many of you know, my day job is as a community organizer with a progressive organization. I didn’t support Donald Trump during the election and haven’t supported many of the policies that he’s implemented since being sworn in. With that being said, I would tune in to watch members of the Red Sox meet with President Trump.

Like Bradley said, getting invited is about what they’ve done as a team and celebrating an amazing season. If you are a political person, it also gives you access to an extremely large platform to say something. Boycotting the visit certainly does get you some media attention, but I think it actually takes more courage to show up and express your discontent on some of the most political territory on earth.

On top of that, anyone who’s been paying attention to the news knows that Donald Trump likes to dismiss any potential controversy and declare it “fake news.” It’d be a lot harder for him to declare a player’s discontent “fake news” if the player is at the White House speaking directly to the assembled press.

I therefore believe it would actually be more productive for a player to visit the White House, even if he doesn’t support the President.

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