White Sox wanted Andrew Benitendi for Chris Sale

After being called up at the end of last season and having a strong showing as the Red Sox’s left fielder, there are plenty of teams out there who would be interested in having Andrew Benitendi with their organization. Baseball America even showed his worth by naming him the number one prospect in all of baseball. It therefore shouldn’t be too surprising that there are reports suggesting Benitendi’s agent told him he might be traded to the White Sox for Chris Sale.

In the end, Benitendi stayed with Boston and it was baseball’s second overall prospect — Yoan Moncada — who the Red Sox sent to Chicago.  According to Boston’s president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski, the White Sox did ask for Benitendi, but the organization wasn’t willing to give up someone they believed was Major League ready and going to be a strong asset.

When asked about the trade, Dombrowski said he believed Moncada was a strong player but still needed some time in the minors to develop. Benitendi, on the other hand, “really was our left fielder” and “we never came close to trading him.”

“Andrew Benitendi is a good all-around player. He’s got a beautiful swing,” Dombrowski continued. “He won’t be a big, big power guy but he’ll hit with some power. He’s a good defensive player, good arm, he has good instincts on the bases. He’s a driven guy. Great makeup. He has the capability to be a fine player for those reasons.”

Depending on how Benitendi’s season plays out, it could be that the most impressive move of the entire offseason was the front office’s decision not to trade Benitendi for Chris Sale.

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