Chris Sale comes from line of tall, skinny men

Discussing Pablo Sandoval’s weight has almost become a favorite pasttime of Boston Red Sox fans, especially now that he’s shown up early to spring training in perhaps the best shape of his life. But Panda isn’t the only person whose weight is receiving some attention.

Chris Sale, the team’s new southpaw, has been receiving some attention for being so skinny. He’s 6’6″ tall and is just barely 180 pounds, but apparently likes to eat and is so skinny at least in part to genetics.

“Rodriguez just asked me, ‘How was the food?’” Sale told a group of reporters. “I was like, ‘I’m not skinny because I don’t eat.’ I come from a long line of skinny people. My dad, when he got married, he was under a size-30 waist.”

Not only was his dad extremely skinny as well, but it appears as though he comes from a line of rather tall men as well.

“My grandfather’s nickname was ‘Streamlined.’ He was a swimmer. Tall, skinny guys for days,” Sale said. “My dad I think is 6-3, my grandfather was 6-4, both my grandfathers are 6-4, 6-5, all my uncles. I think my shortest uncle is like 6-2. We’ve got tall, skinny guys all over the place.”

Although there’s no statistical evidence that taller pitchers actually perform better than shorter ones, the belief that they’re more durable and capable seems to be ingrained in the baseball community. If nothing else, this ingrained belief might help a tall pitcher play mental games with opposing batters. Even if that’s the only potentially advantage for a tall pitcher, it’s one Chris Sale probably wouldn’t mind using.

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