World Baseball Classic Rosters Announced

As we’re approaching the start of Spring Training, we’re also coming up on the start of the World Baseball Classic. The Classic, which is played every four years, will run from March 6 through March 22. With that in mind, the rosters for every country were announced today and there are several players from the Red Sox who will be participating.

Hanley Ramirez and Fernando Abad (who recently lost his arbitration hearing with the Red Sox and is only listed in the team’s designated pitcher pool) will be playing for the Dominican Republic and shortstop Xander Bogaerts will be playing for the Netherlands.

It should be noted that both Ramirez and Bogaerts both played in the World Baseball Classic back in 2013. Ramirez is particularly excited about the fact that the Dominican Republic is the defending champions and he hopes to bring home the title one more time.

Venezuela has also included Eduardo Rodriguez in it’s available pool of pitchers, but he isn’t on the roster for the first round. This could be interesting to watch if he does pitch in the classic as he’s also competing for a spot in the Red Sox’s rotation.

In addition to only being in the potential pitcher pool, there are some questions about whether or not Rodriquez will be able to play for health reasons. He hurt his right knee during a start in a winter league. While he’s supposedly ready for Spring Training, it’s not 100% clear that he’d be ready for some game action.

There are also three players from the Red Sox minor league system who will be playing in the tournament. Left handed pitcher is in the designated pitcher pool for Australia and Ryan Duber is in the pool for the Netherlands. Outfielder Mike Meyers will also be playing for Israel.

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