USA Today predicts AL East victory for Red Sox

With pitchers and catchers reporting in just one week, we’re seeing pundits predicting how teams will do during the 2017 season. For Red Sox fans, the USA Today prediction is a strong 94-68 record that would win them the AL East and be good for the second best record in the American League (behind only the defending AL champion Cleveland Indians).

The projection is described as a “semi-scientific guess at the final standings,” but one cannot ignore the similarities that it has a lot of similarities with the results on the 2016 season. Both Cleveland and Boston, for instance, are repeating as division champions and the Toronto Blue Jays are also projected to get one of the Wild Card slots.

The only difference in the AL comes with Houston Astros winning the AL West instead of the Texas Rangers. The Rangers, however, are projected to secure a Wild Card slot instead of the Baltimore Orioles who held one last season.

With only one AL East team securing a Wild Card slot this year, it means the division arguably won’t be as tough as it was last year. Figuring as having a tough division didn’t necessarily prepare Boston for the postseason last year, though, Red Sox fans can’t be too disappointed in that development.

If you want to look over the full projection, here’s the tweet USA Today sent out:


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