Red Sox Signed Carlos Quentin

Jon Heyman of Fan Rag sports is reporting that the Red Sox have signed Carlos Quentin to a minor league contract.

The 34 year old does have some positive history during his nine major league seasons, including being a two time all star who has hit 36 homers in a single season (back in 2008). The outfielder also put up decent numbers throughout his career with a .252/.347/.484 batting line, but has struggled in recent years at least in part to knee injuries.

The last time Quentin made it to the big leagues was back in 2014 when he only played in 50 games with the San Diego Padres. He only put up an abismal .177/.284/.315 that year in plate appearances and didn’t perform much better last year in the Mexican League where he hit .211 in 21 games.

With all that in mind, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Rob Bradford is reporting that this signing doesn’t even come with an invitation to big league camp. In other words, this is specifically to address the lack of outfield depth that the Red Sox have at the minor league level and it’s unlikely he’ll spend much time (if any) in Boston this summer.


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