Political Debate Surrounding Super Bowl

houston-superbowl-logoI was surprised when I woke up this morning and my Facebook feed had more than a few people who suggested you couldn’t be a good progressive if you were happy New England won the Super Bowl. To give you an idea of how this would even come up, I should give you a little bit of background.

As many of you know, I actually work in the world of politics as a community organizer. It therefore shouldn’t be too surprising that a lot of my friends used political reasons to decide who they wanted to win the Super Bowl. Some people rooted against New England, for instance, because Tom Brady and others from the Patriot organization voted for Trump. Others cheered for New England because Massachusetts went for Hillary.

I not a huge football fan (my sports are baseball and hockey), but I decided to cheer for New England — mainly because of the relationship to Boston, home of the Red Sox and Bruins, my favorite teams. So while I wanted the Patriots to win, I would have been happy with simply having a good game to watch. Fortunately, in my opinion, I got both.

Moving on to this morning. Perhaps the most popular sentiment I saw online was several people posting a variation of “So you delete Uber but support Tom Brady.” While that does bring up an interesting point, I don’t think it really nails down the whole political reasoning behind why people have been upset with Uber long before Donald Trump became president. So these statements didn’t really get me going.

One person, however, went as far as to imply anyone who cheered for New England was actually a racist. After linking to a quote for a leader of the Alt-right movement who was cheering for the Patriots, she wrote “I hope my friends who are Patriot fans are happy. #PartriotSupportWhiteSupremacy”

It was this comment that actually sent me over the edge a little because I had spent a lot of time organizing around immigrant rights and the black lives matter movement. In fact, I had been at rallies on both Friday and Saturday opposing President Trump’s Muslim Ban. So I decided to call her out on it, but she only doubled down on her statements that anyone supporting New England was supporting white supremacy.

This is a prime example of how our politics have gotten way to divisive in our country. If we’re to the point where you can’t even watch a football game without being accused of racism, then there’s something wrong. Just like how you always see players from both teams shake hands at the end of a game, we all need to come together after tough debates and do what’s best for our country.

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