Red Sox Win Arbitration Hearing Against Fernando Abad

fernando-abadWe haven’t seen many arbitration hearings involving the Boston Red Sox in recent years. In fact, the last time the organization was involved in one it featured right handed pitcher Rolando Arroyo back in 2002. Arroyo was nearing the end of his career and ended up losing his arbitration hearing.

Just like in 2002 with Arroyo, an arbitration panel has ruled in favor of the Red Sox yesterday in a hearing against left handed reliever Fernando Abad. As a result, the 31 year old will be earning the $2 million salary the team sought instead of the $2.7 million he was hoping to receive.

Although everyone would likely want to earn more money, the $2 million figure still represents a significant pay raise over the $1.25 million that he earned during the 2016 season. Abad also only has one more year before he qualifies for free agency, so a productive 2017 could potentially lead to a huge pay day for him next off season.

It’s not a guarantee that he’ll have the big season he’s looking for though. The Red Sox got Abad in a trade with the Twins last summer and didn’t perform well in Boston. While he had a 2.65 ERA with Minnesota in 34 innings with Minnesota last year, he had a 6.39 ERA over 12.2 innings with the Red Sox. Not only did he allow nine earned runs, but he couldn’t seem to get any control as he walked eight batters while only having 12 strikeouts.

With that being said, Boston is obviously hoping he’ll return to his previous form. His numbers overall last year, after all, weren’t that bad and he shows potential as a lefty specialist. He did hold left handed batters to a .153/.195/.264 batting line last year, which could come in handy if he can reproduce that line again.

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